New Site

Recently I discovered an excellent WordPress theme called GeneratePress.  One of the best features is that it is really easy to use and highly customizable without the need to modify the css.  I can now focus more time on projects rather than maintaining the old Core 1.0 website I previously created.

Over the years I created many products.  Some of them were sold while others were a great learning experience.  Here were some highlights:

  • CoolFillerItem – A website that gave suggestions for Amazon products to buy in order to qualify for $35 free shipping.  Instead of customers paying $30 for a product plus $7 for shipping for a total of $37, the website suggested “filler items” to add to your cart so the total is above $35, thus qualifying for free shipping.  The website had smart algorithms implemented to optimize the most popular items.  Surprisingly, the most popular filler item was powdered peanut butter.
  • BillSnooper – A website that allowed people to compare their bill for utilities (gas, electric, water) in addition to internet/cable.  It was decently successful but due to the nature of the service, people only ever used it once.  The website gathered about 14,000 data points. 
  • TeleTizing – This was an advertising unit installed in gas stations.  The unit consisted of a TV, flashing red button, and a printer.  The idea was to display advertisements and when a person clicked on the red button, the corresponding advertisement was printed out.  It wasn’t successful due to many reasons, with one main feedback being that it wasn’t disruptive enough to other advertising means (like Clipper Magazine and Angie’s List).  One of the major newspapers in the Pittsburgh area also had an identical product installed in over 40 gas stations which failed…so I don’t feel too bad it.