Being an avid investor over the years, I decided to build a simple web app around dollar-cost averaging strategies called DCAInvestor. The goal of the website was to show simple macro strategies for investors to improve their return on investment. Read the article from Investopedia about Dollar Cost Averaging.

Typically, dollar-cost averaging involves blindly purchasing the same quantity of a security regardless of price. DCAInvestor highlights patterns in prices that help the investor purchase the security at lower prices while avoiding buying high. However, much like any indicator, it isn’t perfect and just helps with making an educated guess.

The technology behind the website is built using ASP.net core, SQL Server, Plotly, and C#. Daily, the code retrieves the previous day’s closing values, computes values of the indicators, and then updates the database. When a user enters data into the form, the ASP.net core code retrieves the data from the database, calculates the performance metrics, and then returns the values for display.